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Is your child ready to try his or her first sippy cup? Is it time for transition? When is the right time to introduce a toddler’s cup? Learn about it here.

One of the exciting milestones that every child would exce is transitioning from nursing bottles to toddler cups. It is an indication that your child is now transitioning to a new era of the developmental stage – toddlerhood. 

But when is the right time to introduce a toddler cup to a toddler?

Technically, toddlerhood is considered children from 1 – 3 years of age, but the introduction of a toddler cup does not mean the child has to be exactly 1 year old. There are instances that the introduction of a sippy cup to your child can be as early as 6 months and not later than 15 months old. 

Some babies would naturally lose their interest in drinking fluids from their nursing bottles as early as 9 months old. If your child would frequently throw his or her bottle with milk, that does not mean your child does not like to drink milk but had lost interest in drinking from the bottle. If this happens, it is the right time to introduce a sippy cup; also, it is the ideal time to wean your baby off the bottle. 

Additionally, if your child can show control lifting his or her bottle as early as 6-months old, you may try to introduce a sippy cup, making it easier for your child to wean off from the bottle by his or her first birthday.

How to introduce a toddler cup to your child?

While some babies are excited and curious to use a sippy cup, some babies are having a hard time transitioning fast. And if your child is one of the latter, the following are some tips on how to introduce a toddler cup to your child:

1: Start with the right sippy cup with a soft spout. Toddler cup with soft spout feels more familiar to your child and more comfortable to use with their soft gums. Look for the best milk cup for kids that are right for his or her age. Also, make sure that the cup is leak-free and BPA-free.

2: Slowly guide your child on how to raise the toddler cup to his mouth and how to tip it up to make him drink. 

3: Let your child practice with his favorite milk to encourage him or her to drink from the toddler cup.

4: Give it some time. Do not rush. It’ll take some time for your child to master the art of drinking from a toddler cup; so, always guide your child to drink carefully from the toddler cup. Switch from bottle to sippy cup from time to time. And if it is bedtime, there are toddler cups that you can purchase.

Final Thoughts
Transitioning from bottle to toddler cup may not be as easy as it seems. However, with patience and love, your child will be able to transition smoothly from infancy to toddlerhood.

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