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If one were to ask the similarity between the human body and God, the answer would be both works in mysterious and often confusing ways. There are things that people believe about exercising that may not be true but nevertheless, here are some facts that will help you stay motivated and also stay informed about exercising.

1. Chocolate and gym goers

A strange relation is seen between chocolate and gym goers as it is believed that the chances of people indulging themselves in chocolate are higher by almost 18%. If you are someone who likes to eat a lot of chocolates while also being serious about the gym, make sure to eat right if you want to balance the number of chocolates you eat.


2. Festive Seasons

The number of people that vow to become healthier after a festive reason is often high every year, and this is reflected by statistical proof as well since 12% of all members that go to the gym sign up during the month of January. But the number of people that regularly attend the gym after 24 weeks go down as most of the memberships signing up during this period are most likely short-lived. They will have either stopped attending altogether or quit.

3. Gym goers per week

If going to the gym only thrice or five times a week is something that you feel guilty about, you will be relieved to hear that the average number of times that a person goes to the gym is only two times per week. But if you feel worse after listening to this fact, it is best that you spare more time for the gym every week.

4. Genetics and gym

You may have heard about the need to come from a good gene pool in order to have a good body, but another relation that genetics and gym have going on is the fact that you can be genetically allergic to going to the gym. This is mainly because a person’s mental strength to withstand pain during an exercise can be influenced by the genetics by nearly 50%. People who have a ventilatory threshold that is extremely low are more likely to stop working out when compared to those who have a ventilatory threshold that is high.

5. Gym memberships

In the US alone, the revenue that the health industry generates reached almost $22 million in the year 2011 alone. Although gym memberships can burn an ugly hole in the pocket, 80% of members do not go to the gym even though their membership is active.

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