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One of the best solutions for small batch blending is using a single-serve blender. Also, this type of blender is ideal for people who are always on-the-go.

A single-serve blender is also called as a personal blender with its weight that is not more than 3 pounds and blending capacity not more than 24 ounces. The small-sized persona serves blenders are often engineered with a high-powered motor of 300-1000 watts, capable of crushing frozen fruits and vegetables, as well as, pre-crush ice.

If you think buying a single-serve blender is a good idea, but don’t know anything about picking what single serve blender is best to choose, the following are the top qualities of the best personal blender that you should look for:

#1: High-powered     

It is highly recommended that you purchase a single-serve blender for convenience. The nice thing about high-powered single-serve blender is, even small in size, the blender can handle tough ingredients such as frozen fruits, ice, hard fruits and vegetables, and more.

As mentioned, most of the best single serve blenders today are engineered with 300 – 1000 watts motor. Choose a blender that will accommodate your blending needs.

#2: Bigger capacity

The blender’s capacity is one of the essential factors to consider when purchasing a single-serve blender. Even though single-serve, these types of blenders come in different capacities too – starting from 16 oz and up to a maximum of 24 oz.

If you are planning to purchase a personal blender try choosing single serve with a bigger capacity for a satisfying consumption.

#3: Portable

Portability is another thing to consider; if you are always on the go, single-serve blenders that are very portable are highly recommendable. Portability means, it is designed as rechargeable and accessorized with on-the-cup with lid.

#4: Versatile

Don’t just go for blenders that have a few capabilities; instead, choose a single-serve blender that can shred, blend, grind, crush, and chop ingredients too, allowing you to make a shake, puree, and more. For this reason, find a blender that is engineered with a blade that is versatile enough to do those options.

#5: Convenient and easy to use

For a busy day, it would be nice to use a blender that is easy to use.

Another quality of the best single serve blender that you should look for is its overall design. Is it convenient and easy to use? Does it have a one-touch blending option and has a straightforward control? Choose a blender that won’t give you a headache whenever you use it.

Here are this year’s top single-serve blenders that you can choose from:

  • AICOK Personal Smoothie Blender
  • Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender
  • Keyton Personal Blender

All three aforementioned single-serve blenders are high-powered, have bigger blending capacity, portable, versatile, and convenient and easy to use.

To find out which is the best for you, you may read its detailed reviews at Prime Shop Kitchen’s website – one of the reliable and honest review websites for blender and food processors. Also, to find out if the blender is worth your money, try to check if the blender is getting positive reviews from its consumers.

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