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If you want the best classic Oxford shoes, expect to invest some money. These shoes are not the cheapest kind in the market. But you can guarantee that the shoes are durable, strong, and stylish. You can say, investing in classic Oxford shoes is worth it.

Most men will choose this type of footwear for formal occasions, business, and work use. Aside from the durability and handsome look it shows, this shoe is versatile. It perfectly fits all types of occasions and gatherings. No wonder there are numerous brands of Oxford shoes in store.

Looking into Bruno March Oxford Shoes

Among the countless manufacturers of oxford shoes, one of the popular names in the market is Bruno Marc. This company is well-known for its aesthetic and high-quality Oxford shoes. And, the Dream Pairs Classic men’s Oxford from Bruno Marc is not an exception. 

There are several reasons why you should consider footwear. Here are the top five features of Dream Pairs that you’ll certainly love.

1. Wingtip Design

Remember that Oxford shoes come in different types. The wingtip design is one of them. This type of Oxford shoes is a great choice for casual wear. It is also suitable for less formal events and office wear. 

The decorative M-shaped top cap is the primary distinction of the footwear to other types of Oxford shoes. Moreover, the edges of the design extend to the sides of the shoes.

2. Made with Faux-leather

The upper portion of the footwear came from the faux-leather. If you prefer zero cruelty products, this option is the best one for you. Moreover, the faux-leather makes the shoes look sleek. The material’s surface is easy to clean and can withstand various external hazards. 

3. Cushioned Footbed

One thing you will certainly love about Bruno Marc Dream Pairs is the comfortable footbed it has. The insole of this product is cushioned to provide the best comfort to feet. Likewise, it supports mobility and allows the feet to breathe. 

4. Non-Skid Outsole

Most men hate about dress shoes is the slippery outsole, especially if the footwear has wooden heels. Such shoes are difficult to move in, particularly in slippery surfaces. 

Bruno Marc is well aware of this matter. It is the reason why Dream Pairs by this company has a non-skid outsole. Thus, you can move fast and easily regardless of the floor surface. 

5. Lightweight 

Though Bruno Marc Dream Pairs features a wooden heel, the shoes are designed to be a lightweight. Hence, this pair of shoes will do well in various work environments. 

Now that you know the top features of this footwear, one question still stands; is there anything to hate of Dream Pairs by Bruno Marc? 

According to customer reviews, buyers complain about the strong plastic smell it has when new. And though the outsole is a non-skid, it tends to wear out with frequent use. 

With all these details, is Bruno March classic Oxford shoes the best one for you? 

If you are looking for alternatives, Comfortable Dress Shoes can help you. Check out this source for more information.

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