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Adirondack chairs are mainly designed as outdoor furniture; elegantly designed and constructed that can complement however your current patio or backyard is styled. It is originally designed for relaxing and dozing; the reclined nature of the chair allows you to get comfortable, especially when you pair it with footstool for leg support.

If you are going to purchase a set of an Adirondack chair to give a new life to your backyard or patio, here are some helpful tips on how to choose the right Adirondack chair:

Tip #1: Choose between materials

Adirondack chairs aren’t just made out of hardwood, but you’ll find a huge variety of Adirondack chairs with different styles that are made from injection-molded plastic, aluminum, High-Density Polyethylene lumber, and more. Each material has different features to offer; for instance:

  • Hardwood (teak wood) is one of the best, stable, and durable types of wood that are ideal for outdoor furniture. It requires less maintenance and can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Injection-molded plastic is inexpensive compared to a hardwood-made Adirondack chair. It is easy to maintain, lightweight, and available in different colors; however, this type of chair may not be able to withstand strong wind and the chair’s color may easily fade away over time due to frequent exposure to rain and sun.
  • High-Density Polyethylene lumber is another popular material used to make Adirondack chair; it is sturdy, stable, and can withstand any type of weather conditions. It is easy to maintain and can be expensive too.
  • Aluminum-made Adirondack is one of the most affordable types of Adirondack chairs. It is lightweight and easy to work on maintenance.

To find out which material would suit your current patio or backyard’s design, you may visit this website for additional tips and advice.

Tip #2: Know the right size of your chair

Adirondack chairs come in different sizes too; it can be between 36 –42 inches tall, 30–34 inches wide, and 35–38 inches deep. Depending on the material used, the chair can support weight, a maximum of 400 lbs.

If you are going to choose an Adirondack chair today, you have to consider two particular things – the material used and the size of the chair that will compliment your current patio or backyard design.

Tip #3: Choose the right Adirondack chair design

Adirondack chairs come in different varieties of designs, namely:

  • The classic
  • Oversized
  • Palm coast
  • South beach
  • Long island
  • Seashell
  • Modern
  • Quattro

If you are going to choose an Adirondack chair today, make sure that the design or style will match not only with your current patio design but also with your definition of comfort and relaxation.

Final Thoughts

Adirondack chairs are always a good add on to your patio or backyard design – it is comfortable, relaxing, and classically designed with a timeless vibe. If you are going to purchase one today make sure to choose according to your preferred material, the size of the chair that can accommodate everyone, and the design of the chair that will match your current patio or backyard style.

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