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Cyclops is one of the notable X-men characters in both cinematic and comic franchises. But who exactly is Cyclops? Is he the strongest amongst the X-men members? Find out about Cyclops in this post. 

Scott Summers, popularly known as Cyclops of X-men, is a mutant with the ability to throw destructive optic laser or fire beams. He is the first field leader of X-men and would often take responsibility when Professor X is out of the picture. He is a hero, strategist, and freedom fighter. But did you know there is more to learn about Cyclops character? If you are interested in Marvel’s X-men, it is time to unfold some interesting facts about Cyclops.

5: He wasn’t the first student of Professor X

Contrary to what everyone knows, Cyclops is not the first student of Professor X, it was Jean Grey. 

Professor Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) met the 11-year-old Jean Grey, who was then traumatized by the telepathic emotions of a dying friend. They encouraged her to join their school for gifted youngsters. There she can learn how to control her powers. 

Later, Scott Summers joined Professor X’s school.

#4: Scott was brought up in an orphanage run by one of the X-men’s deadliest villains

Scott and his brother, Alex, were brought up in an orphanage run by Mister Sinister, a powerful supervillain mutant. 

Nathaniel Essex or Mister Sinister was a genius and a scientist, who also can predict mutations and DNA splices. Mister Sinister knew Scott and Alex were direct descendants of Daniel Summers, who then possessed a bloodline of Omega mutants. 

Scott and Alex, together with other orphans who possessed powers, became part of Mister Sinister’s experiment. Fortunately, these gifted orphans were rescued by Xavier’s team.

#3: Scott’s powers are derived from solar energy

Did you know that Scott’s optic laser or fire beam is taken from solar energy? No wonder it can easily obliterate anyone. 

Scott’s body metabolizes the sun’s energy, channeling into his eyes.

#2: Scott has a third brother 

Aside from Alex (Havoc), one of Xavier’s mutant team, Scott has another younger brother: Gabriel Summers (Vulcan).

After the plane accident when the Summers brothers were young, Scott’s parents were believed dead. However, they were captured and sold into slavery by the Shi’ar Empire. Back in the Shi’ar galaxy, Scott’s mother gave birth to another child named Gabriel but brought back to earth.

Gabriel was a powerful energy manipulator. He even briefly worked for Xavier. Sadly, the latter erased the former from the memory of all X-men, causing him to go against Xavier.

#1: Scott and Jean got married

Everyone knew who Jean Grey’s love interest was, and it was Scott Summers. After Jean’s disappearance and her reappearance, the two got married and were blessed with two children: Rachel and Nathan.

However, Scott’s love life was not all clouds and rainbows. You’ll understand if you try to go over Cyclops’ Marvel comics. 

Additional Fact

Was Cyclops a powerful mutant?

Yes. He was an example of an Alpha-level mutant. However, he wasn’t the strongest one.

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