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Primer can be considered to be the holy grail for people who have an oily skin type. It can fill minor skin imperfections, improve the life of your foundation, and reduce skin greasiness.

The beauty market is continually introducing new makeup products like long-wearing makeups, setting sprays, BB and CC creams, and mineral foundations. There are a lot of products in the market that consumers find it hard to distinguish what their skin needs.

Several years ago, makeup primers did not exist yet. But look at the makeup industry now, it seems that everyone is going crazy about this wonder product. The most frequently asked question now is: “Is primer necessary for an oily skin type?” The answer is a big yes. All skin types can benefit from primer only if you know how to find your perfect primer match.

Here are the benefits of primer to people with oily skin type:

1. Primer corrects skin imperfections

Have you ever tried painting your room or any area of your house? If you have, then you have surely noticed that you have to buy and apply paint-prep products first before applying the paint.

Some of those paint-prep products are a color-correcting primer for walls that are covered in hideous colors, one-coat primer, quick-dry primer, and basic primer.

When it comes to applying foundation on your face, it is also the same. You would also need a primer to achieve better results. However, you should choose one that would benefit you the most because there are different kinds of primers.

If you are very conscious about your large pores, you can always try primers that can make your pores appear smaller. If you have red hues, you can try green primers while yellow primers work best in hiding the dark circles under your eyes.

2. Primer fights oil

People who have oily skin needs something that can control sebum. It is best to choose oil-fighting primers because it can absorb excess oil without drying your skin or clogging your pores.

If you want to improve your foundation, it is recommended that you use a primer that can control your oil for an extended period. Some primers don’t even need to dry first before you can apply foundation.

Since primers can already even out your skin tone, you can apply a lesser amount of foundation.

3. It helps makeup last longer

Do you know the function of a base coat when you are doing your nails? If you do, the purpose of a primer can be compared to that. If you use a primer, you can make your skin even, smooth and slightly sticky. As a result, your foundation would be absorbed more.

Since primers can fight several oil-related problems and even out your skin tone, it can allow your foundation to last longer without smudging. Primers are perfect for people with oily skin to avoid foundation from melting before they even get out of the house.

If you are wondering what primer works best with an oily skin type, you can check out one of these primers.

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