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Ask a professional chef on what is the best material for a chopping board, chances are he would answer a wooden board is the wisest option among the rest.

Wooden cutting boards are quite popular with professional and home chefs because of its durability. Moreover, the fibrous surface of an end-grain wooden chopping board protects the knife’s edge from dullness. Likewise, such a surface resists scarring from knives. And, the aesthetic quality of a wooden cutting board is superb.

Unfortunately, wooden chopping boards are expensive. The price range of this kitchen implement begins at 60 up to a hundred dollars. The price usually depends on the type of wood used and grain.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, the best alternative to wooden cutting boards is bamboo.

Why Choose Bamboo Cutting Boards?

Bamboo cutting boards become more popular in recent years. Professional chefs love this material because of its multiple advantages. The affordability of this board is only a fraction of a greater reward. Here are the benefits you’ll experience using this type of cutting board.

  • Durable

This material is impressively strong. It can withstand the impact of chopping tough food like meat. The strength of this board makes it versatile. You can use this cutting board to chop herbs, vegetables, meat, and other food.

  • Knife-Friendly

Have you already seen a cutting board?

The first thing you’ll notice is the fibrous surface it has. This feature allows the board to resist scarring from knives, similar to wooden cutting boards.

Additionally, its surface is harder and less porous. It absorbs little moisture compared to wooden cutting boards. It is why bamboo chopping boards are less prone to cracking.

  • Bacteria Resistant

Bamboo possesses antibacterial properties. It stops microbes from festering and inhabiting on the board. You can guarantee that this type of cutting board is 100% safe to use. And, it won’t cause cross-contamination and food poisoning.

  • Low Maintenance

If you own wooden cutting board, you are well-aware of how difficult it is to care and maintain such a kitchen implement. If you are tired of the high maintenance a wooden board requires, bamboo is a good alternative.

Bamboo cutting boards are low maintenance material. It is easy to clean and sanitize. All you need is to wash it with warm water and dish soap. You can follow the traditional way of sanitizing a chopping board to keep it free from bacteria. Check it out and visit website to find out how.

  • Environment-Friendly and a Renewable Source

Bamboo is a type of grass rather than a tree. It becomes fully mature within six years compared to hardwoods like maple that usually take more than 30 years to grow.

It is 100% environment-friendly. It is an entirely natural product. So, if you are the type of person who condemn using environmentally harmful products, bamboos is the wisest choice to go.


No doubt, spending money on a bamboo cutting board is worth it. The above advantages are enough reasons why you should try option.

However, you need to pick out the best bamboo cutting boards to get the full experience. Check out Kitchen Hacker Shop to find out the leading bamboo cutting boards this 2019.

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