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One of the popular alternatives for hearing aids is a pocket talker.

Pocket talker is a portable personal communication device that helps improve a person’s listening experience for a person with hearing disability or difficulty in hearing. The hearing aid alternative is less expensive than the usual hearing aid, which is one of the reasons why the former is now gaining popularity these days.

How does pocket talker work?

Pocket talker is about the size of a regular pack of playing cards that are designed with a built-in microphone that helps transmit the sound signals to the pocket talker’s earphones. The pocket talker hearing device is very useful, but for a short-term basis; experts highly recommend hearing aids as a solution to hearing difficulties.

If you are considering purchasing a pocket talker for the meantime, here are some useful tips when purchasing a pocket talker.

Tip#1: Consult the expert

Before proceeding into buying a pocket talker, you should first consult an ear doctor or an audiologist, and or hearing aid specialist and find out if a pocket talker is an appropriate alternative for hearing aid for you. Remember, there are a couple of different types of hearing problems and each of these uses a different approach and that includes what hearing device is appropriate to use. So, ask the expert first.

Tip #2: It must have an extremely sensitive microphone

If your ear doctor has also suggested pocket talker as an alternative for hearing aid and if you are ready to purchase one, you should consider a pocket talker that is engineered with an extremely sensitive microphone that is capable of picking up sounds or conversation loud and clear.

Tip #3: The cord should be conveniently long

Pocket talkers have cords, allowing you to hand over the pocket talker’s mic to another person without worrying about not getting what the conversation was or the sound was. Longer cords or extended pocket talker cord is convenient than the shorter ones.

Tip #4: Must be engineered with ‘Automatic Gain Control’

Automatic Gain is one of the essential features of any amplifier; and for an audiologist stand-point, a pocket talker with such a feature is very helpful. The said feature automatically reduces the volume when the wearer is in a situation where there is a loud sound that causes frequency problem; this helps prevent further hearing damage.

Tip #5: Look for a brand of the pocket talker with good customer reviews

A good and well-engineered pocket talker has several good customer reviews. So, if you are going to purchase today, you should check if the brand or model of the pocket talker that you have in mind is getting good reviews when it comes to hearing efficiency and accuracy.

Final Thoughts

Hearing aids are quite expensive; so, if you are looking for a good and well-engineered hearing aid alternative, pocket talkers are the best option.  If you need additional details about how pocket talkers work and what is the best pocket talker today, try to visit DoctEar’s website.

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