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There is peace in watching the snowfall through the window. And keeping your body warm while drinking hot chocolate as the chilly winter breeze blows makes you anticipate the things the new season will bring. But beyond this wonderful experience, deep down is a thought that keeps nagging your mind. And that is how to keep your home free from accidents due to heavy snowfall.

While many enjoy the excitement of snow, some are dreading the heavy snowfall. The growing mountains of snow can lead to risks such as accidents. If you are living in an area that experiences heavy snowfall every year, what you can do to prevent such unfortunate circumstances? 

What you need is a functional and powerful snow blower for heavy snowfall. 

Not all snow blowers in the market can handle clearing thick and heavy snow. You have to look for this feature if you are planning to invest one. And one of the best cordless snow blowers for a heavy amount of snowfall is EGO Power+ 56V snowblower. 

What is EGO Power+ 56V Snow Blower? 

EGO is a well-known manufacturer of snow blowers. Over the years, the company introduced a wide variety of snow blowers with varying technology and features. Each one is made unique to offer the best performance and functionality for specific conditions. For example, if you need a snowblower for heavy snowfall, you should consider an EGO’s latest innovation, the Power+ 56V. 

This product received high satisfaction ratings from buyers. It also has a great reputation for being powerful. The design and technology of this machine are perfect for individuals who own property of more than .75 acres. It is also the best choice for homeowners with driveways measuring more than 120 feet in length. If you are in one of these scenarios, it is enough of a sign that you should consider this equipment. 

What are the Features of EGO Power+ 56V Snow Blower? 

You are probably wondering about the specifications of this product. Here is a list of its features to give you a little peek on what you can expect from this item. 

1. Longer Runtimes

EGO Power+ can run longer compared to other snow blowers. It has a power of 56V and features a 5.0 Ah lithium-ion battery. It is the reason why this equipment can handle heavier tasks. Moreover, the battery can charge for only 30 minutes and get back to work. 

2. Snow Removal

This machine can remove snow in 21 inches wide and 10 inches deep per pass. Meanwhile, its throwing length can reach up to 35 feet in any direction. With this feature, you can immediately clear your property or driveway from the snow. 

3. Easy Storage

Though the equipment weighs 60 pounds, it is easy to keep. EGO Power+ is foldable and allows you to hang it on the garage wall. 

Is this information enough? 

If you need additional details regarding the top-seller snow blowers this year, go to Cordless Snow Blowers; one of the reliable sources on the internet. Also, see this website to get a detailed comparison of the snow blowers and the best alternatives. 

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